Some Skateboard Stuff for Mike!

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calmixx190x190Hey !

As of 5/29/13 – I am writing and drawing and scribbling almost exclusively over at :


So come over there and play with me !  Here is a link to my first piece there :

It’s about Star Trek: Into Darkness and if you like me here – you’ll like me there!

If you subscribe HERE – you will want to subscribe THERE as well!

What are you waiting for?

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Seriously Dangerous Lettuce


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MATCHGAME ANIME: Joe Jackson’s Album – Laughter And BLANK …


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Sweet Merciful Jesus That Is Some Creepy Nonsense


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MATCHGAME ANIME – He’s a BLANK for Punishment . . .


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Meet Niazja!


Niazja and the proto-type Boardom 2013 Mini Deck at The Art Kartel in The Belmont Lounge NYC.


We are having some serious fun now . . .

This is my friend Niazja Blessed Rios. She is an artist, an actress, a poet, a model, a designer, a marketing wizard – hell by the time I finish writing this she could be a nuclear physicist with the kind of work ethic she has . . .

All of that aside, the thing that drew me to her was the fact that not only is she all those other things, she is also an honest to GOD Sk8boarder. niazjach52Yep. No posers here kids.

Niazja travels the five Burroughs with a piece of wood, 4 wheels and the power to shred tall buildings in a single bound.

The NEWEST thing she is, is the face of my Limited Edition Sk8 deck line – BOARDOM 2013.

More details to follow in the coming weeks, but I thought you kids should meet because you’ll be seeing a lot of each other.

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Not Always, But Sometimes.


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1st Calmixx Sk8 Deck in the “Real” World . . .

sk8boardomch5It’s not quite done yet, but it’s real.

You can touch it.

You can feel it.

Once dry you can ride it.

Soon maybe you’ll even be able to buy it.

This is a pretty geektacular  moment for a “digital” artist.

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