The Celebrity Zoo – Part 2 (The Conclusion)

gilch5Wow has it been a week already?

Okay where were we . . .

So Helen Slater sent me over to her agent, Erin Gray to set up an interview.

“So what did you have in mind for Helen?”

“I figured I’d spend some time on what it’s like to do shows like this, sorta like High School Reunion Tours for Sci Fi actors . . . “

“Oh. I thought maybe you’d focus on one of her current projects.” UH OH.   I was losing her.

“Oh definitely that’s where we would end up… “

“Good. She has a lot of great stuff coming up.” Erin smiled and looked like an agent for the first time.  As it turns out, agents are very intimidating and slightly scary.

“What kind of stuff?”

“She is going to be on Smallville again.”

“She was on Smallville?”

“Of course she was . . . “

“Apologies, I don’t watch Smallville.”

“I thought you write for Geekpropaganda.”

“I do. As it turns out watching Smallville isn’t a requirement.”

“So what sort of interview do you want to do with Helen?”

“The kind where I ask her questions and she answers them. Nothing fancy. It’s not 60 Minutes. We’ll have some fun, take a few pictures and…”


“Yeah. To go with the words. People like pictures.”

“Who is going to take the pictures?”

“I can take the pictures or Brother Jobu can…”

“What is a Brother Jobu?”

furlongch5“He’s my partner – I thought you said you read the site . . . “ (Gotcha Erin Gray.  See last week.  Didn’t you notice that this is part 2?  Do you just skip around in all of your internet reading?)

“Is he a photographer?” Sigh. I was going to have to try something else. My Helen Slater adventure was becoming a train wreck.

“So Erin, what are you up to these days? I imagine you must have some projects coming up.”

“Funny you should ask – I just finished filming a role for the new Buck Rogers Series.”

“There is a new Buck Rogers series?”

“Yes.  It’s going to be exclusively online.”


“Do you actually work for a Geek website?”

“No – I actually own one. Seems like I’m not very good at it though. What kind of show is it?”

“It’s a Buck Rogers show. With Buck Rogers.  Actually Gil Gerard is on it with me.”

“Gil Gerard and you are in a new Buck Rogers series that is exclusively on the web?”

“Yes we play Buck Rogers’ parents.  Would you like to talk to Gil about it?”

“I guess so. Are you his agent too?”  Erin smiled and turned her head to the left where Gil Gerard was sitting. He had been sitting there the whole time and I hadn’t even noticed him.” Luckily I was able to play it off like I had known he was there all along.

“Holy Sh*t – you’re Buck Rogers!” Sigh. Fail. Gil Gerard put his big Buck Rogery hand out and I shook it. He looked like he could be a friend of my Dads, hanging out on the back deck drinking a beer.

“How are ya?”

“Not bad – Did you know that Erin Gray is an agent now?”

“Of course I did – we just did a new Buck Rogers internet show together.”

“That’s awesome!”

badcosplaych5I have to be honest. It wasn’t awesome. I mean it was fine. It was ok even, but it wasn’t AWESOME.  No web exclusive shows are EVER awesome. (Well, with the exception of Red Letter Media’s “Half in The Bag”. THOSE guys are awesome.) I was just caught up in the moment. I mean come on – Supergirl AND Buck Rogers???? That right there is an afternoon by itself.

“So do you know Helen Slater?”

All of a sudden – Helen Slater was there too, she walked across the aisle and put her hand on my shoulder in a sort of “leaning” thing like we had been friends for years.

“You guys look like you’re having a good time.”

We were. I had noticed that Gil was selling a picture of himself dressed as a classic series Star Trek Captains uniform on what looked like the bridge of The Enterprise.

“Gil- you were on Star Trek? When were you on Star Trek?” Then I realized that he looked about the same age in the Star Trek picture as he did standing in front of me.  “Gil, did you travel back in time and get cast on the original Star Trek series?  Holy Crap Gil – Are you Captain Kirk now????”

Gil laughed at that a lot.  Turns out there was another Star Trek Classic series that was a web exclusive.  Maybe if I had looked into some of these Web shows a little more closely I’d still have a Geek website . . . possible I could have been a web exclusive Batman or something.

I am now standing in the middle of Helen Slater, Gil Gerard and Erin Gray.  We are laughing and having a very nice conversation about Buck Rogers and are actually so loud and raucous that other celebrities appear to be jealous. It also seems like the rest of the convention goers have finally found this Celebrity Zoo as lines are forming at each table. Well most of the tables. Everyone seems scared of Edward Furlong. Helen heads back to her table and tells me that she is looking forward to our chat. Gil wishes me well and heads back to his table as well.  Erin jots down her email address and hands it to me. I put it in my pocket and leave the convention.   I had been there for forty minutes.

There was no point in staying. Nothing was going to happen that would have topped that.

A day or so later I sent Erin an email where I told her how much I enjoyed meeting them and that I was looking forward to spending more time with Helen. I sent her a few sample questions to set the tone. Here is the first one:

If Supergirl and Batgirl had an argument that gradually escalated to a physical altercation – who do you feel would throw the first punch?

Not surprisingly, I never heard from any of them again.

Edward Furlong however calls me about once a week.

That last part about Edward Furlong isn’t actually true. 😉


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  1. Karolyn says:

    Haha — Great story!

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