What Happened to Geek Propaganda?

imagesI used to run the best website on the internet.

It was called Geekpropaganda.com and running it led to all manner of fun adventures and outrageous hijinks.

The crew was myself, my immortal partner in crime, Brother Jobu and young Jedi Padawan Darilyn Tiberius Skywalker.

We wrote about Comic Books, Movies, TV Shows, Novels, Cos-play folks etc. and so forth.
We interviewed lots of celebrities and authors and people who make stuff that other people like.
One day we all kind of decided that writing about other people’s stuff wasn’t as much fun as making our own stuff.

Darilyn and Dan Milano's Warren The Ape

Darilyn and Dan Milano’s Warren The Ape

Darilyn decided to start playing guitar and become a Rock Star. She is incredibly successful at everything she attempts so you should be able to purchase her platinum selling album just as soon as she records it (if she hasn’t already).

Brother Jobu decided he had suffered through enough Star Wars Prequels and swore to go back in time and get George Lucas to back up off that galaxy far far away. From the looks of the Lucasfilm/Disney deal he too has been wildly successful.

I decide to actually try to get back to my roots and CREATE my own stuff.

I made a plan to give away Geekpropaganda.com to some other people who maybe would enjoy running it more than we did.


Brother Jobu and Bruce Timm

That plan was a colossal failure.

HUGE bucket of fail.

I learned that there are people out there in internet land who are as stupid as they are mean.

It’s a long entertaining story with quotes and screenshots so maybe someday I’ll share it with you but until then, suffice to say I just shut it down and decided to stop doing it.

I like writing though. I also like drawing. So this blog will be where I do that.


Calmixx and Peter Mayhew

No constricting topics. If I feel like ranting about Star Wars, I’ll rant about Star Wars. If I want to write about politics, I’ll write about politics. If I want to draw the cast of My Name is Earl. I will draw the cast of My Name is Earl.

If by some chance I should want to write some Geekpropaganda – I’ll do that too.


(Hence the Slaughterhouse 5 reference in the new name.)

Thanks for stopping by!



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